polaroid love – part one

across the road
across the road, preston, 2010, © nicole davis

i have three exciting photography projects in the pipeline right now, two of which involve polaroid photography.

i have been seriously taking photographs for several years. i only vaguely remember where my polaroid fascination came from. one day, somehow, probably via flickr, i stumbled across amanda’s wonderful blog. it struck a chord with me as we were both from the same suburb in sydney (glebe) & had recently moved away. i also bought one of her polaroids of glebe as a reminder of home. the photo is, coincidentally, a shot of the window of a vintage shop owned by my friend & i spent many lovely hours in there chatting & having tea. 

i was newly arrived in melbourne & was finding it hard to find my place. gradually i discovered & was inspired by some amazing polaroid photographers like katandrea, emilie, francesc, jenifer, dave, anne & many many more. i dreamed of getting my own vintage sx70 & scoured ebay & etsy to find one that i could afford. meanwhile i avidly browsed flickr groups & blogs dedicated to polaroid, read all about cameras & film online, followed the progress of the impossible project, even buying packs of atz film (now sadly gone!) before i even got a camera.

meanwhile i began an apple a day, a 365 project using my iphone & polarize (a fake polaroid app). it was important for me to do this project as i hadn’t been taking photographs for many months after moving to melbourne. so this began as a way of getting back into photography & exploring the possibilites of polaroids through a digital medium.

one day i finally found my beautiful baby on etsy & waited eagerly for it to be shipped to australia from the states. i unwrapped it with glee & couldn’t wait to snap my first photo – with some trepidation as the camera was bought untested. i finally figured out how to get the film cartridge in & snapped. the camera clicked & whirred then spat out a photo. my heart lept! i agonised as it developed & turned it over so i couldn’ see. a couple of minutes later i peeked. damn! it was so dark! but it was nightime so i thought, hmmmm, i’ll try again tomorrow.

the next day was a beautiful sunny melbourne day & as we wandered to the tram, with my new precious in hand i wandered across the road from my house & snapped a beautiful rose … & when i saw the result my pola heart lept!

since then i’ve had a mix of great successes & great failures (usually when trying to photograph in anything resembling low light). but now it’s all coming to fruition … more about that tomorrow!


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