that indefinable something

crisp, 2009 © nicole davis
crisp, 2009 © nicole davis

lots of things inspire me. i connect with & shoot all different styles, from street photography to architecture to still life. there are many amazing photographers out there that i really admire.

i’ve found some of them through the blog world and recently it was great to see three bloggers whose photography, words & style  i really admire coming together in one project: pia jane bijkerkbrian ferry & ebony bizys of hello sandwich, who participated in the  1010 project by victoria hannan. i’ve now also discovered seven new photographers that i know are going to inspire me. but what struck me when i looked through all the images from the gallery, and that i’ve never put into words before, was that their work all reflects an aesthetic that i also try to capture in some of my photography (and clearly turn me into a gushing fangirl).

they have an indefinable something that i connect with, that draws me in, that gives me pleasure, that i want to find for myself. it’s something about their lighting, their framing, their subject matter. they’re often taken on film or look filmlike, usually deceptively simple, they look at things from a different point view & they all have a dreamlike quality that makes you want to be there.

coincidentally, several months ago, i began to go both shoot new & revisit old images of my own that captured these qualities, that spoke to me in the same way. last week though, seeing the images in 1010 inspired me to verbalise this for the first time. looking back over old work, it is clear that i’ve been chasing this aesthetic for longer than i realised. before i even had heard of any of these photographers, before i even rediscovered my love of film.

so enough with the words. in tomorrow’s post are some images from my trip to south america last year, taken with my beloved canon tx, that are kind of what i’m getting at. i might even make this a regular post. let’s see shall we? 


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