that indefinable something: south america

    beach time, 2009 © nicole davis

pescados y mariscos, 2009 © nicole davis

cafe, 2009 © nicole davis

over it, 2009 © nicole davis

dainty, 2009 © nicole davis

desert, 2009 © nicole davis

dusk, 2009 © nicole davis

some of those indefinable something images i mentioned in yesterday’s post. these are a selection from my trip to south america in 2009 and were taken in argentina, uruguay and chile. enjoy!


3 thoughts on “that indefinable something: south america

  1. nicole says:

    Oh thanks so much for your lovely words Caroline! I’m even more chuffed since my little visit to your blog and your fab images! The dog was so cute – she was the house dog at the hostel I stayed in on the beach in Uruguay. She is a former stray & heavily pregnant when I was there. She spent the whole time pretty much in this position, getting up occasionally to look around, with a perpetual expression of ‘I’M OVER THIS!!’ I wish I could have been there long enough to see the puppies 🙂

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