sonido! 2010 © nicole davis

remember my first post and that girl in the yellow dress and how she was part of something really exciting?

well it’s all happening now! i’ve just hung a solo exhibition at a new gallery space called chiquitica at SONIDO! cafe on gertrude street in fitzroy (in melbourne, australia).

i’m exhibiting five of my images from the san telmo market in buenos aires that were shot on film last year. i’ll do a longer post after the exhibition with all the images but you can read about the show on the chiquitica gallery page.

the pola shot above shows the front of the cafe & is the last of my ‘roid week shots that i promised to show you in my last post. the cafe opened on gertrude street several months ago & is owned by columbian couple carolina & santiago. SONIDO! is an oasis on gertrude street with fixtures, great tunes on vinyl & amazing coffee all sourced from south america. they also have great arepas & empanadas, inca kola & other south america goodies for those missing the continent’s fabulous food or wanting to discover it. 

they’ve had some great reviews & mentions since they opened, including from the age, fitzroyalty, agenda, opulent, fat belly club & pieces of victoria wining & dining hotspots. SONIDO! has fast become a gertrude street fave & they are a saviour on sundays when no other cafes along that west end strip of the street are open. (try the arepa with huevo if you’ve had a big saturday night!)

for a while they’d been wanting to open a micro gallery space along one of the cafe walls, featuring artists that focus on south america in their art. after a conversation about my photography one morning they asked me if i’d like to exhibit first. yes please! soon after they also asked me to manage the gallery space, which i’m very excited about. i’ve lined up artists for december 2010 & january/february 2011 & am now considering artists proposals for the rest of 2011.  it’s all very exciting & i’m sure i’ll write more about it in the future!

you can keep up with both the cafe (& gallery) news on facebook & twitter.


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