hello! i am back. i have been wanting to post for a bit but have been so busy with hanging & preparing for upcoming exhibitions that i haven’t had time to breathe. another big thing that’s been happening, which has nothing to do with photography but is worth shouting about, is that i’ve also been editing my friend’s phd. this took up some time but was such a great experience to work on. not only because i’m a bit nerdy & really enjoy the editing process but it also because it’s a really fascinating topic & i was so glad to be able to help out & be trusted with such an important task. now she going to hand it in within the week. congrats kate!

so back to what this post is about mainly! my first solo exhibition has been up at chiquitica gallery at sonido! for three weeks now &  it closes next friday, 3 december. lots of people have seen it – even friends from sydney who have been down for a couple of days have popped in! i’ve received lots of great feedback and, although i haven’t sold anything (yet!) the whole thing has been fabulous. for me it’s more about getting the courage up to get my work out there and it’s motivated me to do several other shows coming up over the next few months, as well as plan for future projects. for those who are in melbs, i really hope you can get there, but for those who can’t or are interstate or overseas, here’s a peek at the images. before it closes, i’ll take some in situ shots & post them, but you can see already see some shots of the show on both the sonido! & my facebook pages. i’ll also write a little more about the subjects of the photos over the next few days.

i intended to hang six images but in the end didn’t hang the first one that you see below. they all fitted but, spatially, five looked better. i still wanted to include it here as it’s part of the series,  so I wanted to show you it as well. also in the exhibition is that lovely girl in the yellow dress that i showed you in my first post so many weeks ago. this is what i wrote in my artist’s statement for the show:

The images focus on the feria de st telmo, a vibrant street market that comes to life every sunday in st telmo, a bohemian inner city barrio of buenos aires, argentina. here both locals and visitors come together once a week, taking over the streets in a riot of colour and music. these images document a typical market day by observing some of the characters who are at the feria every week: antique dealers, musicians, stallholders, artists, dancers, restaurant staff and roving advertisers for the businesses surrounding the market. They are integral to the life of the feria and seem somehow to belong to these streets. the visitors to the feria, most of whom are tourists, are also essential participants. there for only a short few short hours, they usually leave never to return, except through the memories that they have captured in their photographs.

i shot these photos over a couple of weekends on a 1975 canon tx that i bought at an amazing antique camera shop, which is on one of the streets at the heart of the fair. it was an unplanned, enforced purchase &  it changed my photography forever … but that is another story for another day. meanwhile enjoy the results of that very fortunate occurrence …

audience, 2009 © nicole davis

band, 2009 © nicole davis

dealer, 2009 © nicole davis

dancers, 2009 © nicole davis

musician, 2009 © nicole davis


2 thoughts on “feria

    1. nicole says:

      thanks! i loved the result too. the film wasn’t expired but had been sitting in some dusty hot little kiosk in buenos aires heat. probably for a few years. but i don’t care – i think it gorgeous!

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