sweet things: polas on show

alimentari & benvenuto diptych, 2010 © nicole davis

hello all! i’m back. i’ve been having a wee break from the web 2.0 world since early december – no tweeting, no flickr, no blog reading! this was all for a variety of reasons mainly business:

a. i went to new zealand for 10 days. it was part work, part play. i friends in auckland & tauranga (bay of plenty), as well as going to the contained memory conference in wellington. the former was restful and good for the soul, the latter was mind-blowingly inspiring!

b. christmas in brisbane with family after a week back from nz. lovely and restful, great to see my family. lots of dvds watched on my parents gigantic new flatscreen and harry potter at gold class. it rained the whole time, which made it hard to go out but it forced me to relax. unfortunately, as we now know, that rain turned into devastating flooding that affected so many in queensland.

c. new years. four lovely friends came down from sydney and spent the week with us. it was so much fun! i worked the whole time, including new years day but we had plans for a nice quiet dinner with cocktails and drinks at my house. everything went to plan … except for the quiet bit (i was in bed by 1am, the rest of them partied all night!)

d. exhibitions! yes … plural. i’ve been doing back to back exhibitions for the last few months and feeling a little exhausted by them all. i of course already blogged about the m.a.i.d. show in october at the owl & the pussycat, richmond, as well as my solo show, feria, in november at chiquitica. for the last month i’ve had six polaroids up in the annual small works show at brunswick street gallery. i was so pleased with the way they worked out i have to say! they included some that you’ve seen before and a few new ones, including the two above. you can see all the images on my small works exhibition set on flickr. they’re a nice little mix of foody treats and images of two of my fave spots in fitzroy for being foody – sonidoalimentari. there were so many gorgeous works in the exhibition in all types of media … i was so tempted to buy … but could not make a decision what to buy! i literally just pulled these off the wall today, so apologies that i made no effort whatsoever to promote it or tell anybody about it at all. but … i promise i’ll keep you up to date on the next lot coming up very very soon … in two days in fact … eep!


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