home, 2009 © nicole davis

my backlog of images is getting over the top. these shots are some more on film from south america and i shot them two years ago. there are many more where these came from. i feel somewhat stressed that they are not on flickr or blogged or on facebook. but really, why does it matter so much?

i guess the main reason is that it helps me to analyse and reflect on my work when i go through them in order to blog about them, etc. but i also feel on the flipside that going through such old material hinders me from creating new work, from exploring different avenues, undertaking new projects. it also means that new things i create also often go into the backlog and may only be explored two years down the track.

it’s a catch 22. but for the moment i’ll keep plodding along and seeing where these images, both old & new, take me.

and hey – you haven’t seen them before have you? that’s another good reason!

closing in, 2009 © nicole davis
big sleep, 2009 © nicole davis
protection, 2009 © nicole davis
exposure, 2009 © nicole davis

company, 2009 © nicole davis

sunset, 2009 © nicole davis

contentment, 2009 © nicole davis
reminder, 2009 © nicole davis

ps. they are from recoleta cemetary in buenos aires. you can see more of these shots on my buenos aires flickr set.


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