happy happy rainbow

 beginnings, 2010 © nicole davis

last weekend my boy and i went to rainbow serpent festival. this is a mindblowing music/arts festival (colloquially called a bush doof in aussie parlance) set in an amazing australian bush setting near the town of beaufort in country victoria. it’s predominantly electronic music but there is a growing variety of genres and this year we saw an amazing ska band – skazz – i’m totally tracking them down at another time.

people love rainbow so much that, when it ends, we are already counting down to the next one – the website even counts down to get us excited.

we had a gorgeous weekend of dancing and catching up with a few friends – and meeting new ones. in honour of that i’ve recently (in honour of clearing my backlog of images) scanned my film shots from last year’s party. i do confess that this year i only took one photo! but these will give you an idea. the full set can be found on flickr.

cowboy, 2010 © nicole davis

daylights, 2010 © nicole davis

rainbow serpent triptych 2, 2010 © nicole davis

dancefloor, 2010 © nicole davis

nuclear free zone, 2010 © nicole davis

welcome, 2010 © nicole davis

rainbow serpent triptych 1, 2010 © nicole davis

sunny bee, 2010 © nicole davisunder the southern cross, 2010 © nicole davis

lolly, 2010 © nicole davis


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