colonia in colour

getting about, 2009 © nicole davis

so i promised some more images from colonia, where i spent two days in colonia en route from buenos aires to the beachside town of punta del diablo. i had been in buenos aires for three weeks and, while my digital camera was being fixed there, thought i needed some sun, sand & surf – before heading to the chilly south – patagonia.

colonia was not exactly sun, sand & surf – more like rain, cobblestones & still sea. but it was lovely, despite the rain & the overcast days. i’d love to go back there sometime & shoot some more. i posted a few images from this town a couple of days ago, but a few more are definitely in order.

when i went through them i realised i’d taken almost two whole films in two days – i was clearly inspired! so the colour shots come to you in two parts to break it up! more coming your way in the next couple of days.

across the water, 2009 © nicole davis

by the seaside, 2009 © nicole davis

beach romance, 2009 © nicole davis

boats, 2009 © nicole davis

take a seat, 2009 © nicole davis

take it from me .... mr t, 2009 © nicole davis

wheels, 2009 © nicole davis

street seen, 2009 © nicole davis

reverie, 2009 © nicole davis

family, 2009 © nicole davis

fine life, 2009 © nicole davis


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