round & round

the wheels go ... 2010 © nicole davis
my last post on colonia and it’s windows & doors got me pondering over the last couple of days. i’ve talked previously about how my backlog stresses me out a little and i began worrying last night thinking, ‘if i have this giant backlog of literally 1000s of photos, how on earth am i ever going to do something with them all? how am i ever going to just be able to blog about themes, ideas, concepts like the windows thing if i can’t ever get through processing these images.’

so my head starts spinning with more & more questions:

* do i need to process them all in order?
* maybe i can just pick themes from a variety of photos and look at them
* but how will i ever get all this scanning of films done?
* will i every be rid of these south america photos & finally put them to bed?
* what about projects i really wanted to work on to get creative but haven’t started because i’ve got 1000s of photos up to two-years old that i haven’t looked at
* oh my god my atz polaroids are going green & i haven’t had time to peel them, let alone learn to use any of the impossible project films in my fridge (which also contains 8 undeveloped rolls of film)
* how on earth am i going to do a phd, kung fu, yoga, photography, have a relationship with my partner, put my work in exhibitions, run a small gallery, see my friends, travel and have a job if i don’t do something about all these photos?

and on it goes.

in the end the questions will keep going round & round. because i will continue to take photos, both digital & on film. there will always be scanning to do and photos to process.

maybe i need to stop worrying about the how (+ all the rest) and just enjoy the experience of my photography.

so tonight i just browsed my photos for ages and grabbed a handful that spoke to me: that reminded me of good times with friends, beautiful overseas destinations, days when i spent ages trying to get that one shot that said something, lucky snaps, happy accidents. they are not selected by place, theme, media or anything else but the fact that i smiled when i saw them.

it was definitely cathartic.

time for bed now – it’s past 3am. here’s to sweet dreams & no thinking

hanging out, 2009 © nicole davis
surfing picasso, 2009 © nicole davis
curiosity will get you, 2010 © nicole davis
stopped in his tracks, 2010 © nicole davis
tragic artist, 2009 © nicole davis

ps okay so there was a little bit of curating. oh well … can’t help myself!

got the ... 2010 © nicole davis


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