housekeeping: an experiment

housekeeping (wat preah prom rath, siem reap, cambodia), 2010 © nicole davis
so folks, i’m doing a bit of an experiment that I hope helps me deal with my backlog of images. i’ve got a bit of a double up situation where i post images on my blog, then post exactly the same images on flickr. it’s taking up quite a bit of my time needless to say adding tags, adding to groups etc etc.

i love that i get heaps of views on flickr but i’d like more people to actually look at my blog. so how do i deal with this? do i keep flickr as a kind of portfolio with lots of images & only put one or two on the blog and then direct people from here to flickr & vice versa? or do i put lots here, as i’ve been doing lately, then put only a few on flickr & get people to come from there?

in a way the latter option would seem more sensible as a lot of people might not bother going to the blog when they’ve seen everything already on flickr. so i’ve decided to go with the latter: post a few from each post on flickr and then direct people to the blog. let’s see how that goes.

any ideas from you bloggers/flickr users out there who’ve experienced similar issues? i’d love to hear your experiences!


6 thoughts on “housekeeping: an experiment

  1. GD says:

    Nicole, they are two different media. Flickr is an everyday, post lots of stuff picture book whereas a blog is more of a story telling medium involving written word.

    If you want more people on your photo blog, put a few killer images on Flickr (six to ten, changing them every now and again) and direct to blog.

    My two (not web2.0) cents.


  2. Cos says:

    I tend to use my flickr account for lots of (tagged. grouped and setted(?)) photos, rather than a portfoliio. If I use one of my photos on a blog post, I’ll link to the blog post in the description of the flickr photo, just in case anybody come by later on. I try and use ethings like twitter to tell people about new blog posts (or particular photos).

    1. nicole says:

      so just curious, are you putting the same photos up on both flickr & your blog? when i was doing this it was making me a bit stressed because i felt like i was doing too much. i do think i’m going to go the way of just a few on flickr, then link to the blog & also use twitter and facebook to promote the blog post. i’ll just see how it goes. thanks for sharing!

  3. Caroline Hancox says:

    interesting question, i have the same problem. at the moment I am concentrating on my blog a lot more and then adding the best lot of photos to flickr to hopefully entice people on over to my blog – of facebook (another time black hole!) When you find out the secret formula will you please let me know?!

    1. nicole says:

      Yes everything takes time doesn’t it? I haven’t succeeded in the experiment of only loading a few to facebook … I can’t help myself! But it was nice doing my last post about photos already on there!

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