paris: city of the living

i have journeyed halfway around the globe; but nothing i have met in all my wanderings has sufficed to damp the pleasure with which i enter this gay, bright, noisy, restless city – this city of the living, as beyond all others it may be justly called

fanny trollope, paris & the parisians,  1835

the park, 2009 © nicole davis

sometimes i think the images that best express the existence of people in the urban environment are those in which they are not present. images of  the built environment & other objects produced by human society speak of people so strongly, that their very absence in such a scene intensifies their presence.

do you know what i mean?
snowdrift, 2009 © nicole davisle vespe, 2009 © nicole davisle pont, 2009 © nicole davishappy hour, 2009 © nicole daviscold outside, 2009 © nicole davisknotwork, 2009 © nicole davis




4 thoughts on “paris: city of the living

    1. nicole says:

      it was definitely empty & ghostlike at times … when all the tourists and parisians could no longer stand minus 10 degrees and escaped inside for chocolat or vin chaud

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