i heart glebe

i just went back to sydney for the weekend. consequently i am rather homesick this week.

as such i went through some film shots that i took there on a visit last year.

catching up with fitzroy, 2010 © nicole davis

school's out, 2010 © nicole davis

nature's energy, 2010 © nicole davis

modern jungle, 2010 © nicole davis

glebe street, 2010 © nicole davis

locals, 2010 © nicole davis

pool, 2010 © nicole davis

chill, 2010 © nicole davis


5 thoughts on “i heart glebe

    1. nicole says:

      I know isn’t it lovely? I love that shot of yours with the juxtoposition of roadworks poles … aaaah I remember well the year they were digging up the road.

  1. Anthony says:

    Glebe is a great place. These are some nice shots. Do you mind if I put a few of them on my Tumblr? (thethingsyoufindinglebe.tumblr.com)
    Appropriate credit will be given of course.

    1. nicole says:

      Hi there Anthony, thanks so much. I’m happy for you to use on tumblr as long as they’re linked from the website url and full credit given as per my titles. I do love your tumblr by the way, so much that’s weird and wonderful!

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