lanterns & dragons, 2010 © nicole davis

i’ve been catching up finally on my backlog of photos. finally i’m up to february last year with normal film & digital images and november with polaroids. (let’s not discuss those two rolls from ten years ago that are still sitting there though … oh or the last dregs of my 2009 south america shots!)


now i can feel free to develop the seven or so rolls of film sitting in my fridge. so stay tuned, there’s a whole lot more coming.

last night i cropped and resized some pics from a roll of film taken in february last year in kuala lumpur. i only took about 15 shots in two days on film in that fabulous city but all except two were of the temples. i just was really captivated by the light and the possibilities that beckoned by using film to shoot them.

so right. they ended up being shots with that indefinable something that i so yearn & strive to capture.

here are some of them … hope you like.

plates, 2010 © nicole davis

mirrors & smoke, 2010 © nicole davis

sales, 2010 © nicole davis

offerings, 2010 © nicole davis

simplicity, 2010 © nicole davis

silver lion, 2010 © nicole davis

translation? 2010 © nicole davis

not a temple, 2010 © nicole davis

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