night owl

night owl, 2011 © nicole davis

i declared my sx70 broken a while ago. but thankfully it’s not. it’s just being curmudgeonly and the shutter is staying open for several seconds when i press the button. it’s not the same amount of seconds though. no. sometimes it’s one or two or three or sometimes (but not very often) it acts completely normally.

frank, the awesome impossible project camera doctor, has been trying to help me fix it via email from across the world but i still need to fiddle a bit more. i recently hurt my shoulder so fiddling with a polaroid or even taking photos difficult.

but there is a plus side to all this.

  • the long exposure time means i’ve been playing with interior night shots.
  • and these have to obviously be held very still so i’m doing some still life stuff.
  • and i’m experimenting with my packs of px100 that have been sitting there for months.

this little fella was my test subject for getting the light right. it’s a bit hard due to the unpredictability of the shutter speed but i’m liking this version best out of the five shots of him. it was actually the first shot and i would prefer a little more contrast in the white so i kept experimenting. but i wasn’t not able to get it any more contrasty than this.

when it’s easier for me to type & control photoshop (ie with two hands) i’ll post the various images of my little owl that i did while practising.

i really really really like it. i will definitely be buying more. very soon in fact as i’ve used two of three packs already!

oh in case you are wondering, my owl is my pen/brush/scalpel holder in my studio.

he’s from have you met miss jones. i want one of everything!


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