a parliament of owls

so i actually should be finishing my phd proposal. but posting some more of my px100 experiments seems like a much more satisfactory way to spend a cold melbourne night while half watching the the carlton/melbourne afl game.

the top two are from my first pack. the bottom two from my second. i was going to detail where the wheel was set, blah blah, but really, due to the dodgy shutter, exposure times varied. so really all these px100 shots are in the hands of the gods! but i really don’t mind that. it’s really why i love polaroid photography. the mystery, the random results, the excitement of seeing what turns (or doesn’t) turn out. & with these new impossible films the frisson of the polaroid magic is even more exciting. so all of you out there who haven’t tried it or haven’t had the greatest success, go for it! there’s magic even in the shots that are less than perfect. looking forward to showing you more of my experiments …

ps thanks to the lovely amanda  for tweet support encouraging my procrastination tonight.


One thought on “a parliament of owls

  1. em says:

    so glad you posted these – it still amazes me how differently this film can turn out…
    these are gorgeous – they’d look so cute framed – all four side by side ;->

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