it is a truth universally acknowedged …

that if you have a football team you are surely, at least becoming, melburnian. i never thought it would happen to me. born in brisbane, as a teenager i enthusiastically followed the nrl on tv when the broncos or queensland were playing and still scream at the tv when state of origin is on. but i never ever felt the compulsion to attend a game.

living in sydney for 8 years i was still a die hard queensland supporter but said that the south sydney rabbitohs were my team. but that was more of a tribal sydney suburb thing rather than a sports fan thing as, again, i never went to a game and didn’t even watch one on telly.

i saw one or two afl games in my time, including the thrilling lions vs essendon grand final in 2001 at some pub in the heart of fitzroy. but then i went back home and never looked at afl again.

two years ago i moved to melbourne. my boyfriend’s family are carlton supporters (except for one who inexplicably barracks for north melbourne). and so i went along with them to a game at the mcg on freezing winter’s night last year.

now i have carlton socks …

a carlton scarf (official – not $2 shop) …

i’m about to get a carlton jacket

i know the words to the carlton song

sorry lions … i don’t know how it happened.



altogether now:

we are the mighty navy blues …

We are the Navy Blues,
We are the old dark Navy Blues,
We’re the team that never lets you down,
We’re the only team old Carlton knows,
With all the champions they like to send us,
We’ll keep our end up.

And they will know that they’ve been playing
Against the famous old dark Blues


4 thoughts on “it is a truth universally acknowedged …

  1. pellethepoet says:

    We are the navy Blues … but I’ll let you off this time. 🙂 What a fortuitous choice in boyfriend. Imagine if he were a Hawthorn supporter … doesn’t bear thinking about.

    1. nicole says:

      oh drats … how embarrassment … i blame the lateness of the hour that i wrote that. looks like i’ve got more singing practice to do!

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