this is my third winter living in melbourne and this year was the first one where i didn’t spend the whole three months griping about how much i hated the cold and dark (i did a little bit but not the whole time). the first two winters i found majorly depressing. this year i’ve quite enjoyed it and think either winter here was warmer, or i’m acclimatising. i’m rediscovering my love of melbourne winters engendered by 17 years of visiting my aunt here in winter – at a time i lived in sunnier climes and though wearing winter coats and boots was the best!

chris and i did couple things on a lovely melbourne winter’s day a few weeks ago (sounds like an oxymoron i know!) we explored south melbourne and ate chinese, and walked around the domain and botanic gardens – places i sadly have not been for years. it was lovely and romantic. it was also fun romping around on the stage at the myer music bowl. i can’t believe they just let you do that!

the afternoon winter light was gorgeous in the domain and it was perfect for some pola shots. i feel like the pinkness of the px70 push was just perfect for capturing the cold southern winter light and the beautiful shadows it produces, even early in the afternoon.




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