ballarat bound

BIFB Street Poster FINAL

did you know that melbourne has a special camera group dedicated to film photography? it does! and it’s called the melbourne silver mine. it’s made up of about 100 people who love old school analogue. silver miners come from all backgrounds and have the most amazing range of film cameras that you could not imagine. we do stuff like exhibitions, fun photo walks, monthly competitions, group buys of film and such.

we are very excited to be holding not one but two fringe shows at this years ballarat international foto biennale: the melbourne silver mine show at woolshed clothing on armstrong street north and just don’t call it street (surprisingly about street photography) at the very cool old butcher’s shop on seymour street.  dee (top) and roberts (bottom) two of our very talented photographers (with super design skills) made some great posters with all the details!

the shows and the biennale start on saturday 20 august and run until 18 september. so there’s plenty of time for people to jump in the car or on the v-line train for a gander at the amazing range of works by melbourne silver mine and hundreds of other photographers.

on thursday a few of us went up to ballarat to drop off our street show work and to hang our msm woolshed show images. i’m doing some old favourite street shots from buenos aires for the former and both old and new polas in the latter. the majority of folks headed up today to have a big all in hanging day. even with only a few works up on the wall it already looked great and i can’t wait to see the final results.


BIFB11 MSM flyer August 2011


2 thoughts on “ballarat bound

  1. nicole a alley says:

    How exciting and congrats on exhibiting in two shows. I went to the Foto Biennale in 2009; can’t wait to go again and see your work.

    1. agrippinamaior says:

      thanks nicole! yep the biennale is so great … i sat the silver mine show all day saturday so am looking forward to going back in a couple of weekends to see some of the rest of it. i’ll be sitting the street show on the 4th if you guys happen to be up there that weekend.

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