cleaning up

just a random post pondering spam and an excuse to look through & post some old images.

la paz limpia



bridge lookout

evo si!

number 10 bus

great scott

i seem to be getting a lot more spam comments these days. is this actually a good thing? does it mean i’m getting more traffic or something (i don’t think i’m getting that much more). since my spam filter’s pretty good, not that much seems to get through … but i just wonder why it is now.



steep market

i hope you like these images from la paz from my trip a couple of years ago. it was such a great city to shoot. in fact i’d prepared a whole bunch of black & white film photos, which i also shot there, ready for your viewing pleasure. i was about to hit publish when i realised i really hated the scan quality. time to rescan!

medicine woman


folk medicine


so instead, here’s some digital colour ones. i so rarely post digital and looking back at these i just love the way that my dslr picks up the colours, light and shadows of la paz. such a contrasty light up there in the rarified atmosphere of high altitude. there are lots of pics … but i took lots more originally … now i was only going to choose a few … but i couldn’t decide so here they all are …

city life

dry goods 


la paz from lowest to highest points of the city spans from 3000 to 4000+ m in altitude! it was such an amazing place to photograph. many of my digital shots reflect the film ones i did in the same city. i can’t remember whether i shot them on the same or different days however. but i promise that i’ll post the film images too, once i rescan them …

soy una amazona


somos indomables amazonas

cambio in colour

for those curious about the llama foetuses


4 thoughts on “cleaning up

  1. emma jay says:

    Such a great set, Nicole . . . Love the third one of colourful lady on the mobile!
    And those guys in trench coats with their big cameras . . . what a sight that must’ve been to come across.
    Please, you must explain the llamas – were they still born? What are they used for? Did you wig out when you saw them hanging in the market? The entire place look amazing.

    1. nicole says:

      Hey Em, thanks so much! Looking through these has gotten me excited about digital again and about the thought of getting a new dslr. Oh no another camera to take on holidays! The guys photographing in the square were almost a bit saddening really. I sat there for a fair amount of time and they only had one customer. The digital world has really affected their livelihood I imagine.
      The llama thing is I guess a bit creepy. I actually did know about it before I went to Bolivia so was prewarned but it was a bit full on the first day or two. Then I hardened up and took photos because it was still fascinating. They are actually foetuses, the small ones miscarriages and the larger ones still births, or some are from pregnant slaughtered llamas … I really don’t want to think about it too much as their were so many of them that I find that somewhat difficult to believe. The ones in the photo with the heads seem quite developed however in another photo you can see that some are quite tiny. They range in sizes and can be found all over the markets in the city. They are used as offerings to the Pachamama … mother earth and are meant to be good luck. One of the things they do is bury one when constructing new buildings. I found a couple of articles about them and the witches markets:

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