la poesía – a story

do you remember the cafe la poesía, that magic night in san telmo? buenos aires devised our meeting, so romantic and sweet, lulú

horacio ferrer, lulú


i have blogged this image before but recently i submitted it to shutter sisters’ one word project through flickr and they published it on the blog the other day. i was quite chuffed as i admire all the images i see on their site and find them inspirational.

the word of the month for shutter sisters was ‘story’ and of course you can see why i thought it perfectly fit. my talented and lovely friend nicole wanted to hear more about it and thought i should blog the story.

la poesía was a cafe i went to daily when i spent a month in buenos aires. it was beautiful and atmospheric … and had great coffee and food. i knew that there was a story behind it and thought that it must be a story out of 19th-century buenos aires bohemia, but it was only when i got home and researched it that i did find out that story at wander argentina.

it is a 19th-century building although the cafe la poesía (the poem) was only established in 1982 – but it was a bohemian enclave of musicians and poets at the time. it closed only six years later but lived on in the hearts of those who inhabited it. as the wander argentina page says:

it was here that the uruguayan poet and lyricist, horacio ferrer, mostly known for his work with astor piazolla, met the woman who remains his wife to this day, lucía micheli. The meeting is immortalized in his 1992 song, lulú

the cafe reopened in 2008 – only one year before i visited! being there i could have sworn that it had been open and trading for 100 years. this place was steeped in the history and atmosphere of 19th-century bohemia even though it did not exist as a cafe at that time.


7 thoughts on “la poesía – a story

    1. nicole says:

      hi there, thanks for your comment. unfortunately one of my earlier drafts was published, which didn’t make it clear where the quote came from. i’ve fixed that up so that it’s now obvious. thanks for pointing it out to me. with regard quoting, i had done so by italicising and separating the text from the main body. this is a standard way to quote larger blocks of text in a written piece of work.

  1. editor says:

    @2nd warning:

    This is stolen material, the original content is from

    I believe in good faith that the use of the content infringes on my copyright and is not authorized by law by the copyright owner (myself). All of the information contained in this Infringement Notice is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, I swear that I am the copyright owner as well as the owner of

    If you do not remove this material within 48 hours we will be forced to file an official DMCA complaint for the violation of international copyright laws.

    1. nicole says:

      i am completely speechless at your erroneous accusation of plagiarism – ironic considering you didn’t even bother to check for four months whether or not i’d corrected the error, which was done immediately. can i suggest that next time you check before accusing someone and threatening them? it’s particularly insulting considering i’m doing a phd and am well aware of referencing and copyright law.

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