giant polar bears with mixed cola drinks

bundaberg and brisbane 18.11.11-21.11.11

thanks to emma for the title … it’s what bundaberg is renowned for … rum … and ginger beer. as well as sugar cane, from whence such bounty comes. and a giant polar bear …

my mum’s birthday in bundaberg. she and her siblings grew up in this town and my grandparents are still there. it’s a place redolent with childhood memories of hot humid summer visits, christmases where you couldn’t move for the heat … and cooling off in the pool all day.








the farmhouse that was the centre of my great grandfather’s cane farm in cordalba, a tiny place between bundaberg and childers, queensland. my grandfather and his brothers grew up here. i wish we could have gone and had a sticky beak.


curious cows


gateway to the past


my grandfather's house

pastoral idyll

brisbane. my home town. we went to the cartier-bresson exhibition this morning. amazing. inspiring. looking through it i realised from whence some of my street photography inspirations have been unconsciously absorbed.


city square

the only photo i got at the queensland art gallery … well two shots, double exposed … very weird … but kinda cool!



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