this is post that i started writing in october but never got a chance to finish. i’m just back from six weeks in thailand and malaysia and while i get my act together and get photos processed and scanned i thought i’d come back to this one.

en route


sunrise after psytrance

it was prompted by the occurrence of the melbourne silver mine  mixed tape film swap (some pics from which i still need to post!). it was such a great idea and we all got these other talented people whose work we admire to shoot whole rolls of film just for us! i shot my roll for dee and was pretty happy with most of the shots. but funnily there were some that i just really didn’t like … but that she did! isn’t it funny how some people love some things that you produce that you don’t really care for … if you had any in the world to choose from … you wouldn’t choose the same things that another person did.

sydney open 08_02

dad & jack


i think that’s just awesome. and when you’re a photographer it can make you look at your work in a completely different way … make you look at stuff you’ve completely dismissed as rubbish and have a rethink. those of you on flickr know that you can favourite  other people’s images. now my favourites are a random assortment of images just based on my eclectic taste and the fact i really just love perving at other people’s photos … so i have lots of faves. but i do get a bit of a thrill when people fave my images … i’m not really doing it for other people but it is nice to know that other people like your artwork as well.

bright lights big city

paese ii

urban sitting room

so what are some of the images of mine that people have favourited on flickr? some are expected … like my polaroids with shoes and flowers … some i just thought i was the only person who could possibly like them … some i thought were a bit rubbish but other people like them! these are just some of the ones people seem to really like … sorry i’ve posted some of them before but people seem to like them so i guess that’s okay

on the harbour (roid week 2011 - one)

bird on a wire


2 thoughts on “fave

  1. emma jay says:

    Gorgeous photos and words, sister, and wonderful to have you back.
    Look forward to seeing your amazing photos from your trip either here or over at flickr-town…
    x x

    1. nicole says:

      thankyou gorgeous lady! films are in and i’m even getting the lab to scan them for me this time. and they’re doing prints! they will be ready friday and i can’t wait 🙂

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