unSensored11 opening night (or ‘trying to rock the digital camera’)


so ages ago (in late november early december) the melbourne silver mine had it’s annual unsensored show. it was great … i loved what i’d produced for it (which didn’t sell but that’s cool – you still have a chance). i dehung and had dehanging drinks with all the msm peeps on 8 december – literally jumping on the tram five hours before i was due to fly to malaysia (i hadn’t packed either!!) but the opening night! the opening night was fabulous and i took bucketloads of pictures both of the night and the hanging the night before. i’ve put these images on flickr but haven’t blogged them before now. why? because i shot them on my digital with my new lens. now i wasn’t really feeling the love with the digital. it just doesn’t feel right to me anymore after many months of almost purely shooting film (and iphone). now i’m not getting into the film vs dig debate but suffice it to say i felt the images were too clean, too easy, too … meh. so i bumped the iso up hugely on the opening night and felt a little better about them. and now a couple of months later i’ve looked through them again and decided that i do like them after all. sometimes distance and time are very good things with your own artwork.

next up: travel photos – so many you’re going to be sick of them … but too bad :p look at them on flickr and put them on slideshow. it’ll be like an old fashioned family slide night … hehe

artily placing stuff on the wall

big decisions

let's get it started

posing awkwardly

getting going

nice hat!



pointing artily


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