where to begin?

window on lorong jambatan

those that follow this blog (or know me) know that i’ve been in absentia, absconded, taken off, disappeared. i went to malaysia and thailand for five weeks and got back two weeks ago. oh my gosh it was so good to get away. what with bike accident injuries, beginning my phd, lots of kung fu training, working way too hard and some personal difficulties it was busy, crazy, challenging and at times traumatic year. so chris and i really needed that time together and for ourselves.

umbrella man

so i’ve really been looking forward to putting my travel photos up. i didn’t really take as many images as i would have thought but there are a lot – six rolls of film, two memory cards of digital shots (mostly of chris playing guitar in a band on christmas day), some iphone shots and one sad lonely polaroid. but for me that’s tame! it wasn’t as though i wasn’t in the mood for photos. i just didn’t want to take photos all the time. in malacca for instance i shot some digital images and felt so little love that i deleted a lot of them. but then there were other days that i was so inspired that i shot a whole roll in a matter of hours – or less than an hour in one case.


but we spent so much time on the beach in thailand in the middle of our trip chilling and i didn’t feel i needed to get up and take photos most of the time. i just wanted to drink in the beauty of the place, enjoy time with amazing people and absorb the relaxed vibes. i needed to have a break from everything, even something i love, as much as photography.


despite my disclaimer that there aren’t that many photos, out of the six rolls of film there were very few that i didn’t love – which of course is highly unusual.you may wish to browse at your leisure or just check in now and again or, as i suggested the other day, treat it like a family slide night. i may not post them all but if i don’t, rest assured that they’ll all be over on the corresponding flickr sets for those like me who love stickybeaking at other people’s travel shots.

best seat in the house

i’m going to post them in order even though there are a few nice little themes that came out while i was shooting, they seem to work best as a visual travelogue. this means you’re going to get malaysia then thailand then back to malaysia because that was the order we did our travels in. there might be a bit of double up even because the second time in malacca i couldn’t really remember what i’d shot the first time. i’ll try not to natter too much and let the images speak for themselves but part of the pleasure is knowing about the place so there’ll definitely be explanations and links to various resources and further information in order to explain more.

this is just a little teaser, first installment to follow in the next few days.

hope you enjoy taking the journey with me.

take a ride


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