return to malaysia lah!

Last night on the tram I heard two girls speaking a seemingly crazy mix of English and Malay, combining phrases, sentences and words from each with effortless and easy flow of conversation. It made me miss Malaysia so I went home and finished processing all the images from my December/January trip to Thailand and Malaysia.

After a crazy, joyous, blissed out three weeks in Thailand during Christmas & New Year, we headed back to Malaysia for a few days. to revisit friends in Malacca, pick up all the stuff we’d left there three weeks before. I was then jumping on a plane back to Australia and Chris had accomplished his visa run from Thailand before heading back there for another month.

Heading back there I got to completely indulge in taking photos of Malacca. I’d wanted to go crazy when we were there earlier in the trip but really I was too tired and just enjoying relaxing with Chris after six weeks apart so I didn’t shoot that much (by my standards!). So I relished the opportunity to go back and shoot more two rolls of film in this amazing place. It was about to be Lunar New too … we missed it by only a couple of days … but it was great to photograph all the decorations.

There are about 80 photos from this few days and I tried to whittle them down but I pretty much like all of them. So here’s part one, starting with Kuala Lumpur, a place I photographed extensively a couple of years ago and blogged about here and here early in 2011 (although I shamefully have a massive backlog of images from that trip as I shot a lot of digital).

So I eased off this time, saving my film for Malacca … maybe I’ll get those old KL images together too at some point?

sunrise over kl sentral


te o ais!

temple doorway


temple gates

view from my plate of chicken rice

temple incense


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