from the archives … newcastle

These images are from many moons ago. A time when I still lived in Sydney and worked at Historic Houses Trust. I went up to research and photograph a story for the organisation’s magazine, Insites, of which I was the editor (and sometime photographer).

The story was on the Nissen Hut that the HHT had purchased at Belmont North for an adaptive reuse project and for which they held a design competition with the University of Newcastle architecture students. The huts were originally housing for British postwar migrants who had come out on assisted passage schemes. Today there are very few left and the HHT hoped to highlight their importance to our history and that they could be utilised for a functional home for contemporary occupants.

I shot the story with a DSLR that I hadn’t had for that long but had been using prolifically. My lovely friends Sarah & Luke made me welcome for the weekend and Luke, no mean  film photographer himself, lent me his delicious Voigtländer and gave me a roll of B&W film.

That was the beginning of a love affair … with film


the back door - nissen hut


nissen hut interior

edgytin can


hard rubbish



2 thoughts on “from the archives … newcastle

    1. nicole says:

      Thanks Paul … so glad you like them … They are literally my first film shots … well since I was about 22 and shot my last roll of slide film prior to my digital revolution.

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