from the archives … the first time

So as promised almost a month ago, here is another Thai trip down memory lane, May 2008.

After spending a few days in Bangkok, I was keen to go further afield. I’d thought of going to an island somewhere and had mulled about a few places. Then in the ticket booth downstairs from my hotel I saw tickets to an island called Koh Phangan in the south of the country. A friend had told me about this island (famous now for its Full Moon Party) and about a little bay that was one of her favourite places in the world and that she insisted I had to visit and would change my life.

And it did.

It is the most healing special place I think I’ve ever been to and the spot I flee to when life has dealt some blows.

Fast forward 4 and a half years later and here I am poised to go and live there with my boyfriend for a few months.

I quit my job and am going in just a few days! Took the plunge!

It means more time to concentrate on my PhD, reconnect with my photography and be with my partner.

It feels reckless and crazy … but awesome.

And here’s some photos from the trip that started the love affair.

koh phangan ferry

en route

anchored  saffron

view from the beach

little temple  sleepy cat  


still morning  paradise

post eden beach view

happiness  sanctuary hibiscus


hardware store delivery  long tail view


sand pit 3am  johnny



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