Football season!

As some of you know I am a bit of an AFL (Australian Football League) fan. Namely I am a Carlton (Blues) supporter. This intense love for the game came as quite a surprise to me when I first moved to Melbourne. Being from Queensland, we tended to support other football codes and while I liked to watch Queensland trounce New South Wales in a match on telly, I had never been to a game. Victorians in general are, however, mad about the sport and my tune was changed after my first game.

This week the football season kicks off and tomorrow my beloved team plays another team that I am quite fond of … The Richmond Tigers … I hope they pound them … (sorry Tiges fans).

This polaroid was taken on one of the last days of play last year  as I cycled home from work through the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) one of the major battle arenas for the AFL.

I think Carlton were playing Collingwood that day … nuff said.

football season ... the end ... 2012


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