Just bubbly!

standing her ground

Well … I finally did it! I finally set up somewhere where people can purchase my images!

I went with a shop on Red Bubble in the end after many months of thought and research.

I would I confess like to run my own personal store and have control of the product but, given my constant travelling habit and the demands of a PhD, decided that this would be a better way to go.

Not only is it convenient for me but Red Bubble have a great reputation for quality products and an amazing range that I just couldn’t offer if I did the shop myself.

You can purchase greeting and postcards, photographic prints, framed prints, mounted prints and canvas prints – so there is definitely something for everyone on there! Also, their photographic prints are actually done on my paper of choice, Kodak Endura, so I am really happy with that. I’ve so far loaded just a few favourites from my polaroid shots but will be uploading more as soon as I can!

Of course if there are any other images from my flickr or blog that you would really love to see on your wall, I would be really to make those available as well – just contact me through the blog and let me know.

So please spread the word and visit me at Red Bubble!


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