Making my day

I have been a little (okay a lot) inactive on flickr over the last six months or so. The less active you are apparently the less traffic you get and less views and less comments and blah blah blah. Not that this really worries me. But a little part of me does like to think people are seeing – and enjoying – my work. I have tried to get with the social media program a bit more lately on Facebook and Red Bubble and on here – but I’m not as consistent as I would like to be.

Today I jumped on to Flickr and a new comment on one of my images popped up that just made my day:

“Hi Nicole,
I am so in love with all your film shots~My home town-Malacca looks so beautiful under lens!”

durian ... still untasted

enjoying his stinky fruit

Simple but lovely … and it made me feel so happy.

Once I followed the trail from the comment I realised that the sweet Nong Jia Nu who posted it also has a flickr photostream and a blog with gorgeous images of Malacca, including one of my favourite spots, Lorong Jambatan.



We even had a photo of the same white chair that is still sitting in front of the shop after a year.

I spent ages on her site enjoying her beautiful work and I would highly recommend a long visit.
Thus was inspired a bit of a post with some previously and never before seen Malacca shots.

wood & steel


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