Country sojourn


Hello lovely people!

I am having a bit of a giggle at the moment as I was just clearing out my spam. Despite it all being a little annoying I also have a bit of a laugh at the grammar and writing which is usually I am sure just done through google translate by a bot or some such. Sometimes I wish the nice things were real people saying nice things because there are some lovely comments … from people who want you to buy fake Nikes 😉

But anyhoo. I just popped in to say I am just about to deliver on the promised photos of my cousin’s country wedding in Maleny, Queensland. It is a beautiful spot close to my parents’ house (and Woodford for those Folk Festival fans!)

I have been busily scanning as a means to procrastinate around writing my PhD which means you probably will get lots of lovely posts in the near future.  Here is a little taste of what’s to come. This was taken from the verandah of the gorgeous cottage my parents and I stayed at for the weekend of the wedding. What a view!

Looking over the valley you can see the hayshed of the farm on which we were staying and Mt Tibrogargan, one of the Glasshouse Mountains, in the distance. What a special place this is! I have been visiting here since I was a tiny kid and I highly recommend if you are ever around that way to stop and spend a few days in the lovely towns in the area such as Maleny, Montville, Mapleton and Flaxton.

More to come of the view and the wedding itself very soon!



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