Here be dragons on Mother’s Day

Chinese Dragons are one of my favourite things – I just love them. So I tend to take lots of photos of them when I see them.

Although in Western mythology dragons are often represented as frightening creatures and were once placed on maps to represent uncharted waters, in Chinese culture they represent good luck, power and strength and are highly visible in the famous Chinese Dragon Dances on New Year’s and other festive occasions.

Today I was having a look at the last few polaroids that I needed to scan/edit/post and these were the only two left of my px600 shots (yay for catching up!).

The first image was taken at my grandparent’s house in Brisbane the day my grandmother died last year. The second I took at the lovely Thian Hock Keng Temple in Singapore last September and I gave it to my Mum along with her birthday presents last year.

Both my Mum and her mum were born in the Chinese year of the dragon. I took the photos in the year of the Dragon. I lost both my Grandmother’s within six weeks of each other last year, in the year of the Dragon.

Being Mother’s Day and realising all these little connections as I was getting them ready to post on Flickr was poignant for me and a little sad. I miss my Nanna and my Grandmother a lot but I love remembering them and am grateful that neither are in pain. Last year I wrote a little post about them but it was all too raw at the time to say much more. It still is really.

So Happy Mothers Day to all you mums. Both those who are with us and those who aren’t.

Singapore dragon

Brisbane dragon


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