Portrait <3

It took me a very very very long time to feel remotely comfortable shooting portraits. I dislike having them taken myself so always felt uncomfortable even taking street shots of other people, let alone posed portraits. But they are growing on me as I shoot more people. Particularly people I am comfortable with. Travelling has made me more confident, taking photos at parties where a little wine lubricates the creativity and confidence. But in the last few weeks especially I feel buoyed and am relishing portrait photography. I took photos a friend’s wedding and did a portrait shoot for another. They made me feel at ease. They made it easy to give of myself. Isn’t it supposed to be the photographer saying that? Yes … normally … but they are not shy, often unconfident me. My subjects make me feel comfortable, they give back to me. They so loved the way I portrayed them and mad the experience a joy.

One friend particularly gave me the most amazing boost when she told me about how she felt about my portrait. She said ‘I just see me, you captured my soul’. Her words touched me and gave me the strength to do more. Maybe this is overly dramatic to some but to me photographing someone is so intensely personal and I need all the confidence I can muster to do it. But the last few weeks I am reveling in it, thriving on it. Bring on the portraits I say! (Watch out peeps … I am on the loose with a camera. Seriously … am totally up for a shoot).




3 thoughts on “Portrait <3

  1. katherinerachelle says:

    Bravo Nicole! Both gorgeous portraits.

    I’ve started to enjoy portraits too, but only friends and family. I managed to get the most amazing photo of my grandad wearing his war medals, so even if I never decide to take another portrait, I’ve got one I treasure…

    1. nicole says:

      And couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for the film. Four shots plus one pack to go! It will be both a sad and happy day when I shoot the last ATZ.

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