New HQ

Homeward bound

I have a new headquarters! In the physical world that is … I am backing living on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. I left five months ago but when I stepped onto the beach that is my home I felt like I had only been on a week visa run. Places that make you feel like that are so special.

So I will be based here now probably until February! For the next few weeks I am doing a yoga teacher/training workshop six days a week. It is intense but wonderful at the same time. I don’t have a lot of time at the moment to work on my thesis or my photography but when the course is finished I will be concentrating on both of these.

Taxi boats at the ready

I am planning on really concentrating and developing my photography while I am here – and hopefully some paid work such as weddings and other events, as well as possibly developing some workshops for people interested in developing their own photography skills.

The plan is also to do some editing work, easily doable online, so my friend is currently developing a design for some flyers, business cards and a logo for this business.

New HQ - many offices to choose from

While it is cheap to live here, it would be great to earn a little money while also interacting with the people who spend time here, whether on a permanent or temporary basis. Developing these will hopefully lead to a bit more sustainability for my rather peripatetic life, at the same time developing my skills and facing some things that I find a little bit scary – like teaching!

Hopefully soonish I will have some great images of Thailand to share with you … meanwhile I have about 20 rolls of film that I scanned before I left home – some over two years old – so I should have plenty of fodder for the blog until I develop and edit any current images!


2 thoughts on “New HQ

    1. nicole says:

      Ahhhhh how special to our hearts is this place. It does make your heart skip with joy. Even when you are not physically here though, your heart and spirit is. So we all feel a little bit of your lovely energy every day when you are elsewhere xxx

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