From the archives – Lazy day post

1212_Koh Phangan003

So this is really a lazy post. A few images from last year of this fabulous place that I am now living in. I have just spent six weeks doing a yoga teacher training course and have been somewhat busy, which has resulted in the lack of posts over the last while. Fear not though. I have actually – and surprisingly – not neglected my photography during this time! I have been working on documenting the course, as well as doing some yoga photoshoots for some of the participants; and it has been a real learning curve. Some of these shoots will feature in upcoming blog posts, which I will be back on top of once I have finished an editing project that I am doing right now. And yes, I was still doing yoga and totally not slacking off! Maybe it could be a new style. Yogography?

1212_Koh Phangan002

1212_Koh Phangan010

1212_Koh Phangan011

1212_Koh Phangan013

1212_Koh Phangan016

1212_Koh Phangan017

1212_Koh Phangan018

1212_Koh Phangan020

1212_Koh Phangan023


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