Polaroid fun times!


You might remember that every year the Melbourne Silver Mine have a photographic show called Unsensored, held at the Collingwood Gallery on Smith Street. Last year was great – and not only because I sold my work but because we had a few extra events in conjunction with the exhibition. One of these was a Polaroid transfer workshop, organised by the gorgeous Emma of Willow & Twine. What is a Polaroid transfer you ask? Well, with 100 type Polaroid film (or Type 100 Fuji film), which is the very old school film that you peel apart, you can transfer the negative of the image onto paper to make a beautiful artwork instead of letting it completely develop on to the photographic paper itself.

Others can explain it better than I – in fact there is an entire flickr group dedicated to the topic of Polaroid Transfers. Head over there to check out some amazing work!


Sandwich board

Shake it




portraits kat

(double) exposure




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