How many yogis does it take …

For a group photo at Yogafest?


Recently I attended the fantastic, biannual Yogafest at Somers on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne. Organised by Yoga Dance of Life in Fitzroy in conjunction with Nirvana Yoga Centre, Bittern & Amma Australia, the weekend is a fantastic experience of all types of yoga for people with all levels of experience.

This year I was really privileged to be able to take some photos of the weekend in the fantastic spaces at the great venue of Somers School Camp, right on the beach. This was a group photo that we organised on the Sunday with one of Amma’s disciples, Brahmachari Shraddhamrita, who is in Australia during June/July and attended Yogafest, leading meditation in the morning and spiritual talks at night.

If you are looking to take your yoga to another level, experience it more deeply or learn more about the practice in a friendly, inclusive environment, I highly recommend Yogafest – there is another coming up in November! More photos of the weekend coming soon.

So how many yogis are there? I lost count!


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