From the Archives – Penang 2012 … The Blue House

Inspired by my aunt, who emailed me the other day and asked if I’d been doing much photography. Well, the short answer is no. In fact I even have almost 40 rolls of film undeveloped – yikes! But, there are so many photos that I haven’t shared and looking through them somewhat satiates my need to photograph. Here are some from my trip to Penang in 2012. I’ve already posted about this trip a while ago, but there is more! I just love that city! I took these on Lomography’s sunset strip film ISO 100. It produces an amazing result, which I sometimes love and other times don’t. But … I made a lot into black & white, and think that the contrast between the original and the b&w can produce some really cool effects. These images are from The Blue Mansion, or the Cheong Fat Tze Mansion.


Blue House Penang




121215-25_Penang_KP_001121215-25_Penang_KP_001_magenta filter121215-25_Penang_KP_001_b&w



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